Building Communities where we all can Thrive.

Compassionate capital region’s keystone program is the facilitated conversation forums around the social issues that affect a community, city or county that can improve understanding among different points of view. This can take the shape of:

  • • Bringing people together for conversation and to understand one another’s story and viewpoint
  • • Facilitating dialogue and developing relationships of trust among groups in conflict.
  • • Hosting educational public workshops on subjects such as unconscious bias, listening skills, constructive communication, and mindful leadership.

How a Caring Community Can Transform a City

We live in a region rich in natural and human resources. We live in the top producing agricultural state in country. Nearly 30% of the region's population are young, college educated single adults (9% above national average) hope to build thriving careers and businesses here.

These are three of many examples of the region's strengths. But in this strong foundation of giving, talent and natural beauty are cracks and gaps. Our challenges aren’t scarce resources or lack of potential, but how we work together to use what we have to create a community designed for all to thrive.

Compassion is a guiding principle for all of us in our small daily actions with each other and in the larger community-building decisions that affect all of us.

Being in compassionate action shifts our focus to find a solution that benefits the greatest number of people while maximizing resources, protecting the environment and preserving human dignity. From a compassionate frame of mind, we can create an environment where community organizations will be inspired to collaborate with each other to get more services to more in need than they could on their own. This approach will not only fill in the cracks, but potentially build a stronger, more resilient foundation for our city.

International Campaign for Compassionate Cities

We are a member of this global campaign inspired by the Golden Rule (treat all others as you wish to be treated yourself) to raise awareness of the benefits of caring in our relationships and in our community. The Compassionate Cities Initiative supports governments and citizens in planning and realizing initiatives that foster inclusion and caring in areas such as city-wide innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, community & civic engagement and governance.

Research shows that practicing compassion leads to many benefits for the individual and ultimately for our cities -- physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. More and more city leaders from across the US, Canada, and the globe are adopting compassion as a focus for city wide action to transforms cities and transform the world.

To learn more about The Charter of Compassion:

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