About our Fiscal Sponsor Chill Sacramento

Who We Are

Chill Sacramento is a 501(c) 3 approved non-profit corporation located in Sacramento, California. Our leadership consists of dedicated people who have committed to making a difference by doing the work of building understanding and collaboration between people, perspectives and cultures to create a community where everyone can thrive.

Vision and Mission

Chill Sacramento is a vision shared by many: a safe, neutral space where you can discover and explore yourself, find common ground with others, and learn how to participate in creating communities of belonging.

We are realizing this vision through educational activities that focus on sharing perspectives and practices for personal wellness and development, cultural understanding and celebration, volunteer resiliency, social innovation and servant leadership.


Chill Sacramento began its history under the name of Mercey Springs Foundation (MSF) in 2004 by a diverse group of women for the purpose of supporting the good works of the region's community organizations by providing financial or volunteer assistance to a variety of charitable groups in the Sacramento and surrounding communities, including the following:

  • Community Development
  • Foster Children
  • Disadvantaged Youth
  • Homeless Men and Women
  • Senior Citizens
  • Veterans
  • Disabled Persons
  • Animal Rescues
  • Alternative Healing
  • Victims of Natural Disasters
  • In 2016, MSF agreed to be the fiscal sponsor for Compassionate Capital Region (CCR), an initiative founded by Laura Hansen, Joan Marie and several other community leaders as part of the Charter for Compassion's International Compassionate Cities Initiative. As the relationship between the two organizations deepened, they saw the potential to be of greater service to the communities growing need for healing, understanding and an educational forum for weaving a healthier social fabric.

    In the fall of 2017, Mercey Springs Foundation and the founders of Compassionate Capital Region designed a reorganization of MSF to become Chill Sacramento as the holder of the 501(c)3 status with the programs lead by MSF and CCR under the umbrella of Chill's expanded vision and mission.

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